INTONACHINO MINERALE GRANA FINE is a wall covering with spatula lime to create external finishes reminiscent of the colored plaster of buildings in Venice. Perfect for restoration work, also for buildings of particular historical and artistic interest; can be applied to new and old plasters, mineral paints and coatings, and mineral conglomerates of various kinds provided they are absorbent. INTONACHINO MINERALE is ready to use, and provides a thick, breathable and weather-resistant plaster layer.INTONACHINO MINERALE GRANA FINE gives finely-roughened finishes with a maximum grain size of 1.4 mm.
INTONACHINO MINERALE prevents the onset of mildew and usual humidity-related phenomena.
Based on lime, INTONACHINO MINERALE is a product that respects health, does not release volatile substances and promotes living comfort.Available in a wide and complete range of palette colors.When the work is finished, use water to clean the tools.
INTONACHINO MINERALE is made with attention to environmental sustainability.
Use according to current health and safety regulations (face-mask, protective gloves and airing).