PAENINSULA EGGSHELL is a decorative finish for furnishing and customizing interiors according to the latest styles and trends. The exclusive “egg-shell” matt finish with its uniform and elegant appearance, and the careful selection of colors inspired by the Italian artistic tradition, combine perfectly to create exclusive, modern and fashionable environments. Its high covering power and easy stain-removal properties make it easy to apply and to clean.
Odorless, free of volatile organic compounds, plasticizers and formaldehyde, PAENINSULA ULTRAMATT respects living comfort.Available in a wide range of palette colors in light, medium and dark tones.To deal with wall mildew, before painting, clean the surfaces with COMBAT 222.
If the support is irregular, treat holes and hollows with a suitable skimming product. Fix any fillings or crumbling walls with ATOMO, then apply finishing.