STUCCO VENEZIANO is a refined wall covering for interiors. Its decorative effect recalls that of ancient Venetian aristocratic palaces. Perfect for creating timeless and evocative period atmospheres, with its sinuous shiny shades, it embellishes flat walls or enhances individual architectural elements such as frames and columns.STUCCO VENEZIANO is suitable for various surfaces and can be applied on both new and old plasters, concrete, plaster and gypsumboard, and wooden surfaces, including chipboard and plywood.While following common application methods, the versatility of STUCCO VENEZIANO combined with the decorator’s creativity and skill, allow for infinite combinations and always different results.Available in a wide range of palette colors ranging from delicate pastel shades to intense and enveloping tones, STUCCO VENEZIANO offers dynamic solutions for all spaces, fashionable or with a classic flavour.STUCCO VENEZIANO is made with attention to environmental sustainability.