CONTINUO is a composite system that creates surfaces with no gaps or interruptions, with a seamless connection between walls and floor for a unique decorative solution that enhances all spaces: kitchens and living rooms, bathrooms including the interiors of the shower stall, through to protected exteriors, but also to commercial premises including the customization of furniture surfaces to infuse a strong character to the whole room.

With its extraordinary combinations, CONTINUO translates the contemporary mood with rich suggestions and atmospheres: choose from among 47 colours offered in 6 collections of shades and combinations.

A specific CONTINUO system is defined for every context:


  • LIVING, dedicated to residential areas and environments
  • ACTIVITY, for residential environments that require good resistance to water, wear and stains from food, and for bathrooms, laundries, kitchens.
  • STUDIO, intended for residential environments requiring a medium pedestrian-traffic resistance or for study/office uses.
  • LOUNGE is intended for commercial environments of public establishments or contexts with medium pedestrian traffic such as shops, restaurants, accommodation facilities, and offices with medium traffic intensity.
  • PATIO, for outdoor protected surfaces in residential areas.
  • FURNITURE, specific for decorating furniture, complements and other features in private or commercial environments.


Colours, textures and effects customisable

CONTINUO allows you to express your style and create customised environments with a unique character.

47 colour proposals in 6 collections of colours and combinations

3 aesthetic effects:


  • MINIMAL smooth to the touch, visually hard and flat
  • STYLE monochrome with light visual and tactile texture
  • STYLE two-tone smooth, distinguished by light tone-on-tone shades; available for the selection of 5 shades


4 finishes available: gloss, satin, matt or extra matt


Decoration continuity

CONTINUO lets you extend the decorative effect also to protected exterior surfaces such as terraces and areas facing the house.

Residential interiors and exteriors match in continuity, creating a single overall style that takes in all the environments.

For detailed information, please refer to the CONTINUO technical manual.