MARMO D’AUTORE is a white coating embellished with colored marble powders. It creates smooth and semi-opaque decorations and compact surfaces that are pleasant to the touch. The elegant color nuances coming from the dotted texture of MARMO D’AUTORE differ depending on the color of the marble powder chosen; they range from the parchment yellow of Botticino to Smeraldo (emerald) green, through to Rubino (ruby) red.MARMO D’AUTORE enriches spaces with brightness and three-dimensionality; it is applied on both new and old plasters, concrete, plaster and gypsumboard supports, it is particularly suited for restoration work, also for buildings of historical and artistic interest.Depending on the decorator’s creativity and skill, with MARMO D’AUTORE you can create countless decorative effects with all the minimalist and exclusive charm of marble.MARMO ANTICO prevents the onset of mildew and other usual humidity-related phenomena.
Based on lime, MARMO D’AUTORE is a product that respects health, does not release volatile substances and promotes living comfort.MARMO D’AUTORE is available in the colors: Botticino, Rubino and Smeraldo. To clean the tools when the work is finished, use water.MARMO D’AUTORE is made with attention to environmental sustainability.Use according to current health and safety regulations (face-mask, protective gloves and airing).